Read How IN® Pet Supplements Have Helped Pets Around the Globe!

Help With Hot Spots and Itchy Skin

“My Komondor always had trouble with hot spots and itchy skin, and I have tried many drugs, foods, nutritional supplements, shampoos, and topicals.  Nothing had made any significant difference.  I purchased a container of IN® and have seen a significant improvement in the amount of hair she is growing and the scratching has completely disappeared.” 

Affordable Relief from Summertime Dermatitis

"I just placed a second order for IN Supplement for Dogs and Leciderm Shampoo and wanted to let you know how much a appreciate your products. I have three chihuahuas, one of which is a 12 year old female who has suffered from summer dermatitis most of her life. I have tried every supplement and shampoo out there with temporary or minimal results. After one month of giving all three of them your supplements and bathing them each week with the shampoo, there were measurable results in all of them. They all stopped scratching and the 12 year old no longer had that funky, oily smell between shampoos and had stopped chewing the area above her tail. I love the way the shampoo lathers, rinses well and keeps them all smelling so good between baths. Thanks for great, effective products! And your prices are outstandingly affordable, too!" 

American Shorthair with Dandruff

“It has always bothered me that my American Shorthair, who is jet black, had dandruff.  I started giving her the IN® for cats.  Within a few weeks, all signs of the unsightly dandruff were gone.”

Golden Retriever with Hot Spots and Dull Coat

“My 21/2 year old Golden Retriever has  very sensitive skin.  She has had frequent itching, hot spots, dull coat and hair loss.  IN® has made a remarkable difference to my dog’s health.”

Nervous Chinese Pug Feels Better

"My 5-year old Chines Pug has suffered with a dry, itchy coat and has been on and off cortisone for four years.  He is a very thin and nervous dog and an extremely picky eater. Your product has made all the difference in him.  He stopped his excessive shedding, his coat is soft and shiny, and he seems to feel much better overall.”

Dogs' Coats are Healthy and Shiny Again

“We started using IN® after trying many other supplements with little or no results.  Since we’ve switched to IN®, our dogs’ coats are shiny, they look healthy, and their condition is at its best.”

Rottweiler Stays in Top Condition with IN® Pet Supplements

“I just wanted to write and tell you how much my Rottweiler “Damien” likes your IN®  He has been eating it since he was a Puppy.  Now at 3 he looks wonderful!  I always get told how his coat shines.  Thanks for a great product.”

Cats Flaky Dander Has Disappeared

“My cat, Caesar, was a flaky mess before IN®.  Within a month his flakes had disappeared. IN® did the trick.”

Rescue Dogs Healthy at Last

“Allow me to restate how much I love IN® supplement.  My Collie, Sheltie and Curly Coat Retriever (all rescues) have eaten IN since joining our family.  Each dog came to us with a variety of health problems; however, all had poor, dry and sparse coats.  After only a few months of proper medical and nutritional care, along with a steady supply of IN®, each dog became healthier and more beautiful, reflected in a shiny luxuriant coat.”

Shih Tzu in Better Spirits

“I own 5 dogs and this winter dried the coats on my two Shih Tzus, making it brittle and full of knots.  I got some of your IN® and began giving them out as treats after their morning walk.  And after just two weeks I can see and feel a major improvement.  Not only are they silky but their colors are more vibrant.  As an added bonus, they are in better spirits and not so excitable.”

Doberman Pinscher with Skin and Coat Problems

“I have a Red Doberman Pinscher Male near his championship.  He has had coat and skin problems,  thinning hair, and an allergy to many things.  After a jar of your product, his coat has grown in thick and luxurious, and is a darker, liver-colored red.  The difference is totally unbelievable.”

German Shepherd with Chronic Flea Allergy Dermatitis

“My 5-year-old German Shepherd bitch has had chronic flea allergy dermatitis for her whole life.  After feeding her IN® for three weeks, her fur has grown back, and her coat is in show-shape.  No more itching either! IN® works.”

Shih Tzu Regains Energy and Full Coat

“Your product has had tremendous results on my Shih Tzu.  She was prone to severe seizures.  Although she was on medication, she was not energetic, and her coat was quite dull and spare.  Since feeding her IN® daily, the change has been quite dramatic.  The seizures have virtually disappeared, and her coat has come back in such amounts that it is simply amazing.  Needless to say, I am very happy with IN®, and recommend it to everyone.”Belgian Tervuren with Skin and Coat Problems

“I was having problems with my Belgian Tervuren’s coat because we travel so much, and the change in climate is tremendous.  I put him on IN® and we had little difficulty.  When he does shed – as all coated dogs do – IN® brings in the coat faster and it looks healthier.  It seems to actually “tone the skin”.  Thank you again for a super product.”

Alaskan Malamute Has Energy and Jumps Like a Pup

“Our ten-year-old Alaskan Malamute is still thriving on IN®.  Even in the summer heat, she has energy and jumps like a puppy, really “smiling” for her walks.”

Dog With Red Mange is Getting Healthier

“A wonderful help for our dog, who was just about without hair due to Red Mange.  Veterinarians and a noted skin specialist said she would not recover, and should be put down.  A friend who raises dogs advised a change of diet, with more fat and IN®.  Now our dog is getting healthier and prettier every day.”

Old Scotties Acting Like Young Pups 

“I am more than pleased with your product.  My old Scotties are now acting like young pups and are in the best of condition.  I have used many products, but never have I received such good results.  In two months time their coats were shining and they are reacting like three-year-old dogs.”

Rescue Schnauzer with Bald Spots

IN® is a wonderful product.  I adopted a mini Schnauzer from our rescue.  She had a dull coat and her ears were hairless.  She had bald spots and now she is a new dog.  What a shiny coat she has now and full!  I feed all my rescues and foster dogs IN® .  After a trip to the vets office, IN is the second thing they get.”

Shih Tzus Finally Stops Scratching

“Until one of my Shih Tzus had a skin problem, I had never given a vitamin supplement to my dogs since I trust my pet food manufacturer, but due to the desperate situation, I tried your product.  It has been over three weeks now, and I have never seen him scratch, not one bit.”

Dog with Eczema and Lesions Finally Healing

“Our dog developed eczema which did not respond to external medication.  After three weeks on IN® her lesions have healed and hair is coming back.”